First the book, then the movie

Existing licensed Music:

I have already selected a few songs that I would love to have in the movies, as they related perfectly. Any consideration made for us at during our early stages, will hopefully be repaid in full plus more once we succeed. 

Unsigned Artists:

We would like to be able to support local unrepresented musicians. We more than most know how difficult it is looking for your first big break or getting recognition for talent ahead of credentials. As such we're going to conduct a competition to see if we can unearth some home grown stars , before they hit the big time. Competition details are yet to be finalised and will be published in this section when complete, but what we are thinking about is creating a soundtrack for the film using as many original pieces as we can. We will be setting up a Youtube channel for both Auditions and Songs, details to be advised shortly.

Payment for all songs used in the film or on the soundtrack will be subject to terms and conditions to be agreed between us and the artist. We are aiming high for this movie, and believe we can reach a huge audience, and open doors that otherwise would be  closed for unknown artists.

Final discretion will be ours , and clearance will be required to confirm legal chain of title is established in relation to ownership of the song.rights. All parties who contributed to the creation of the song, and/or who performed on the recording of the song must be advised to us, any failure to so will be the sole responsibility of the entrant, who will be responsible for any legal costs if the ownership of the song or rights to it is disputed. 

To be eligible for the prize and any payment the artist or band must:

1) Agree to unrestricted licensing of the song to us.

2) Create an original piece that relates to the book and its target audience, We will consider established pieces that aren't part of an existing licence agreement, if they are suitable and bond with the movie/book.

3) Be willing to attend a local studio to professionally record the song if selected.

4) Not have any representation, unless they have fully approved your entry and the terms and conditions of the competition. We're happy to deal with represented artists or bands as long as any payment to you and/or rights to the song are compliant with your contract with your agent/record label.

5) Accept that any intellectual property rights used by you in relation to the production of the song are strictly limited to the entry of this competition. Beyond our Webpage, Vimeo or Youtube channel or your own webpage, Vimeo or Youtube channel you may not distribute, attempt to commercialise or further publicise the song without our written permission if it relates to the book or is based on its characters, circumstance or events. All rights to the character and story exclusively belong to Neil Goss.

7) Obtain their own legal advise and understand their tax liabilities in relation to any payment

8) Produce a tax invoice that is NY Governors Office compliant.

Further details will be provided in due course, and due to the nature of this competition once it is formally established proper legal terms and conditions will be necessary

We are not looking to exploit talent, but rather partner it and use what we have, and the opportunities we can create to path the way for your future successes.If we do our part on the film right, the movie will be an international success and open doors for  musicians that would not otherwise even be capable of being knocked upon. With the significant investment required to get the film to international standards the upfront risks is all ours, we will reduce this risk by tapping into as many financial streams as we can in order to try and be able to make the next movie, we make no apologies for this as we attempt to build a franchise. If you are keen to give it a crack, we would love to hear from you.

Basic risks to you:

1) You will need to buy the book, or find a copy of it, to know what to write about. Plus you will need to spend time reading it :) We wont rule people out if they have a cracking good song that suits, but we really do want people to sign onto this project and who relate to the characters,

2) You create a cracking good song that would otherwise have been an international success that you must now share with us,

3) You create a song that is not selected and your time, effort and costs are wasted ( this should not be a massive risk for musicians who love to create.)

4) You create a song based on the book, which is not selected, but you still need to get clearance from us to ensure you are not breaching our copyright and intellectual property rights. if you believe you have created a hit, but we can't see it then we will be fair about negotiations concerning ownership of rights, and seek only 15% alternatively you will have to change the song substantially enough that we are in agreement that it no longer reflects or can be identified as being sourced by ideas ,concepts and/or characters from the book.

Basic risks to us

1) We use music by unknown artist ahead of traditionally expected and known songs lessening its appeal to a wider audience 

There are of course many other considerations and risks, but these are the ones we identified before heading into the lawyers office. We make no guarantees that any song from local artist will be used on the soundtrack , but we would really love if there was, nothing would make me happier then being an incubator and conduit for yet to be identified talent. 

At this time, we can't declare this competition officially open, but we declare our intention to do what we can to partner with Australian talent and see what we can achieve together. So think about some lyrics or tunes and watch this space as we will advise you when entries can be submitted.  Please also follow us on instagram at jdsthemovie. 

Please read the outline if your'e going to start thinking of ideas, but we're looking for an eclectic range of songs that:

1) Deal with teen issues ( depression, violence, loneliness  etc ) . A good, but heavy example is  Joel Faviere 'If you only knew' from Suicide Rooms.  I should also point out this is what you have to beat if you want to be the headline song used for promos, as we're very interested in using this song, however Joel being American is clearly not covered by QUAPE.

2) Have an emotional feel .   A good example of this is The National 'About Today',  DMA's 'Delete' or  Boy & Bear  'Big Man' 

3) Have a tempo that suits certain parts of the book

Please understand licensing is complicated, but I will always try not to be and am happy to work with others and share the spoils.