First the book, then the movie

Photo Competition    

Under jdsthebook we will be running three competitions for people who have bought the book:

1)  $100 will go to the photo with the most likes -  Likes are counted from your IG page where the original photo is uploaded not the jdspage

2) $100 will go to the photo judged by us to be the best photo showing the book - This is the photo that looks the best, and heads up we prefer pictures where you can see people reading the book as opposed to having just the book shown.

3) $100 will go to the photo judged by our followers which shows the book in the most amazing place. Like reading it next to the Mona Lisa or in Trafalgar square - We will ask followers of jdsthemovie to vote on what we select as the top three, which will be uploaded to the jdsthemovie page.

feel free to use #jdsthebook and make sure you link in anyphotos or send them to jdsthebook

Don't do anything silly, dangerous or illegal to get the shot. Competition closes 31/12/2018. Money will be paid to registered book purchasers only, and on the account the photo first appeared, as determined by us. We have the right to refuse payment.

We would love to hear from you and really hope you like the book and love the idea of promoting it in a safe and sensible manner