First the book, then the movie

We're recruiting ambassadors who like the book to register with us, and promote it:

1) Online via pictures and positive comments via Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr etc etc;

2) At school, university, workplaces or sporting teams;

3) To your friends and family.

We pay 20% of the final sale cost of the book excluding government and any third party charges.

Once you register with us, you will be provided with a unique code which allows people to buy the book for a 30% discount. When your unique discount code is inputted, we will know who referred the sale and thus who to pay the $money$ for each book sold. Payments will be made quarterly (March, June, Sept, Dec) via EFT or cheque for all books sold in the preceding 3 month period.

We'll be limiting spaces to reduce cross promotion ( i.e people form same area, school sporting teams etc) first in will be first served, so contact us early.

Codes will be upto 7 letters and have the number 30 at the end of them like  danny30 , jetta30 , sharks30

If you love the book, promote it as much as you can, however you can; as long as its legal, suitable and safe. We've provided some examples under the heading Promotion Ideas; remember always mention: 

1) Your code. 

2) The discount it gets, and

3) The website

eg Loved this book, met the author, go to put in Goss30 for a 30% discount  or

Can't wait for the movie, book was awesome find out more at get your copy for 30% off by using code bb30

If you prefer put a link in, you can use the  to create the link , it goes to the same site. You can even mention it in your bio, or arrange to do a more subtle approach with us (see promotion ideas). If you want me to make a comment on your page just drop me a note on jdsthemovie.

i.e check out link below, for new teen fiction headed for the big screen, put in sar30 to get 30% off

Ambassador for great teen novel, about to be movie go to , use my code sar30 for 30% off

At $2-3 per book sold, if 100 people buy the book using your code, $200-300 will be payable to you. If you have over 3000 followers on instagram you only need 3% of all people who follow you to earn this much. At the end of each financial year, you will be provided with a summary of all books sold, and will need to investigate any tax liabilities if you may have.

If you do not like the book, then please let us know which parts you didn't like, and any suggestions you have.

Payment of referral monies in no way implies employment of any type, or any legal connection between the parties. You're not acting on our behalf or under our instruction, we're simply rewarding positive promotion of the book if it results in sales. You will be solely responsible for all your actions, and we will refuse all future sales payments if we believe the book is being promoted in an unsatisfactory manner.

All we need to start is your email address, phone number, postal address, and nomination of any school, university or work place you would like reserved. We will provide you with your unique code, payment arrangements can be sorted once sales role in. We can't guarantee we will reserve large schools or workplaces, but we will do our best to recognize, and prioritize those who joined first and have been successful in converting promotion to sales.

Other Products

In the future we will have some non-book items that we will be distributing on a similar basis. This will allow you to promote other products, and likewise earn money or products; without the need to register again. At any point in time, if you do not wish to continue promoting, just stop and we will remove your discount code from the website.

If you're under 18 we suggest you discuss this with your parents and seek their approval. The book has some adult themes in it so it's not suitable for persons under 15, as such we do not want the book promoted to persons under this age.

Look out for the movie, and thanks for your support.