First the book, then the movie

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If your interested the book is available at and on Kindle/Amazon in soft copy. Hard Copy US editions can be ordered but will not be available for 3-4 weeks, due to publication delays. Sides and more detailed character descriptions will be supplied to auditioning actors.

General Notice to all positions: 

Expected Crew Size: 12-15  

Total Production budget: Maximum $250K US 

SAG-Aftra status: In short TBA. We are aiming for SAG Ultra Low Budget conditions, but at this point in time and not being experienced we will be opening up auditions to both union and non-union actors, and not making a decision until we know what were dealing with. However, it is expected that the remuneration for the ensemble would be on par with ULB base day pay.

Shot length: Estimated 5-6 Weeks 

Locations: 11 internal multi day domestic locations, plus plenty of single day park, street and commercial premises scenes mainly based in Brooklyn, but also Manhattan. 

Potential time period: August 2018

Film run length : 108-112 minutes.

Background: The book is set in NYC, but this project was conceived in Sydney Australia. We conducted auditions and had over 3000 applicants before we had to close them down. We auditioned over 300 actors and found great actors for most roles, however without support of the governing film agencies we did not believe the film would be capable of recouping and establishing itself if it was made in Australia. We have less funding in NYC, but a stronger belief in the product and its chance of success, so if we can find the right cast and crew we will push forward to production in August. However, this is contigent on being able to do so with a high level of confidence that together we can make this dream a reality by creating a great film. 

As an Australian Producer operating on an E2 Visa there is a lot of learning going on throughout this process. As such final decisions on union status, which borrough to base the story in, final budget etc etc have not been made and will be advised as soon as they are decided upon. 

This film is funded to $250K US but will only be green lighted if the risk V's return equation can be resolved, and we will only be able to do this once we can determine cost all elements of cast, crew, locations and logistics.

This is a franchise supported by a well received book. These components are important as they allow the JD's to be built on a solid foundation over time. Indie break throughs are rare and there are unfortunately so many uncontrollable things which can derail a tight production leaving it short of its potential. This is why we're trying to build a franchise, an insurance of sorts which should allow the JD's the opportunity of developing slowly if required. That is, if the film is a quality product it will eventually be seen by enough people to ensure a significantly higher budget for the sequel, it will not live or die solely on its cinematic takings or first round distribution offers. We just need to get enough people interested in it over time, and on any platform so that the big producers start lining up.

The book once released in hard copy in the US will help, as book readers predominantly become ticket buyers. I'm not selling dreams here, the roles will be paid but if you can't see the value in taking what we can offer based on budget limitations then you're not the right person for any of the critical roles. All I can offer is fair pay and the opportunity to be part of the JD's family long term if things work out. Like for my financial backers, I always aim to do the best for those who invest in me and make sacrifices along the way.

Contact can be made via this website using the contact us function, you however can't attach anything so please be descriptive but concise, and most importantly patient. Links to your work are always welcome.

The story is good, we just need to capture it properly with the ultimate goal being zero loss of production values, we win if audiences believe this was a studio movie made with a much higher budget.

We will be shooting in 4K, most probably using ARRI with anamorphic lenses. Based on other budget consideration we may push for a two camera shoot or a lot  of steady work.

As an inexperienced Director, I will be reliant on the skill and expertise of the crew. The movie will be shot dark and has night scenes so there is a need to master light, it also involves stunts, running and fight scenes so we will alll be tested. You will need to be an artist capable of working on the locations selected and in the environment I will be creating which is shot preparation in consultation with DoP myself and other valued members of the team. If a communal approach does not work for you, then this is not the right project. We will need to get on well and understand each other, and I sincerely hope this would be the first of many films we make together but this can only be the case if we form a strong union and make a quality product. 

Sound  technician: We will be looking for an experienced operator with kit.

Wardrobe / Set Dressing / Props - Needing to fit under ULB requirements we will need to find the right person/people for these important roles who will be able with what we can play and appreciate the flexibility we should be able to offer.

HMU / SFX / Stunt :

These roles are also needed but will follow other appointments. Of particular note are fight scenes stabbing , punching, bruising and other wounds. There are also  two vehicular stunts one of which involves significant planning.

Runner/Transport/Support Roles:

There will be an opportunity for inexperienced , lightly experienced assistant roles so please advise me of any interest. 


Please be patient as this process will take a while, and it is the best interest of the movie for us to take our time unearthing the right talent. There are very few supporting opportunity roles available as the first film focuses heavily on the main seven characters, their back stories and the series of events that create the platform for the next movies.  Acting and chemistry is crucial to the film success, so we will delay filming to find the perfect seven. We have the funding to make the first film, but if we do not make a success of it, there will be very little chance of selling the concept to future finance providers.

JD’s New World Order must obtain critical acclaim and support from the foreign film festival circuit if are to ensure a second film. Thankfully I believe we have the content to do it. We just need to capture it on film properly and ensure those tasked with portraying the characters shine.

Please check out the character descriptions to determine if you're a good fit. As most actors will only be lightly experienced or trained it is important that you do not apply for a character which is too much of a stretch from yourself unless you're extremely confident of bridging the gap.

Age considerations: These character are aged 17-19 but due to the complications of filming U/18 or school aged actors, preference may be given to actors who are over 18 and no longer at school. Age considerations also apply for those 23 and above, you may be able to carry off the teenage look now, but we're looking to do a sequel and this could take another 2-3 years.  That is not to say that <18 and >23  will not be considered, but you will need to be a standout who we can't live with out.

Marko: This is our most difficult cast, and I’m asking for  help getting the word out for a 6’0+ Adonis, amongst acting circles. We will sacrifice some size for intimidation factor, and the character is open to all ethnicities, but he Must (with a capital M) be able to act.