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Film in our hearts

The JD's started in Australia, being a big city teen drama it could've been made anywhere. Pre-production involved over 3000 Australian actors, half of the crew was built before NYC stole it away. To make the film in USA and retain all rights Neil Goss became the first ever recipient of an E2 Visa.

Each and every location was handpicked in a city known for its backdrops. Locations took an extraordinary long time as securing them usually meant a series of long negotiations, but our hospital is a hospital, and our beach house is a beach house which are luxuries not always afforded to Indie productions. But it was casting which destroyed anticipated filming dates, over 10,000 actors applied for the teen ensemble.

The film was shot in almost every NYC borough over 23 days. With the ensemble regularly featuring in a lot of scenes their were a lot of set-up and lavs required, this difficult assignment was mastered by Sound on Set. Once complete the film went through an extensive post production to ensure everything was at cinema quality.

The cast and crew represented a pot-pourri of film with a broad spectrum of diversity across the board. Belief in the concept brought us together initially but what it made such a great film was our love of this industry. Just as the JD's are by adversity, we were drawn together as a family to get through the tough shooting schedule.

In the end 20T of dailies existed, months were spent putting the original cut of the film together which was later reduced to the 118min version released in cinemas in the US March 6th 2020. The Juvenile Delinquents opened at LA's most prestigious cinema complex TCL Chinese Theatres. It competed head to head against Birds of Prey, Bad Boys 3, Sonic and Academy award winner Parasite taking out the coveted number one spot at this cinema to earn a holdover. Unfortunately Covid-19 shuttered cinema during its second week which lead to the abandonment of its West to East Continental USA Roadshow and other international cinematic releases.


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